Floodwater Pumping

While flooding is not a common occurrence in our home town of Hatfield, there are occasions when we are called to pump out a flooded basement. We promise a fast turnaround on all such calls, sending our combination tankers direct to the scene, where they can remove the unwanted water in volume and at speed.

Food Processing Waste

If you operate a food processing plant, the last thing you want is to allow your slurry and machine disinfectant to enter the drainage system, risking a large fine in the process. Our liquid waste disposal team will collect all your processing waste quickly and efficiently, in a manner that is kinder to the environment.

Car and Truck Washes

If you operate a car or truck washing enterprise in the South East, then you understand the need to have your super traps emptied regularly. They hold up to 1500 gallons of unwanted dirt and sludge from hundreds of cleanings. At DMS UK Ltd we offer a competitive liquid waste disposal service to clean out those traps for you.

Oil Interceptors and Grease Traps

Oil interceptors and grease traps are essential tools for protecting the environment both here in Hertfordshire and in the surrounding area. Everywhere from landfill sites and lagoons to settlement tanks and treatment plants rely on these devices to capture their run-off. We empty oil interceptors and grease traps across the South East for the convenience of our clients.

Your Local Liquid Waste Disposal Specialists

From our office and facility in Hatfield, our team delivers exceptional liquid waste disposal services across Hertfordshire and into nearby Bedfordshire, North London, and West London. Wherever you are based, we guarantee a prompt response to all call-outs. This includes customers as far afield as Harlow, Hatfield, Hitchin, St Albans, Stevenage, Watford, and beyond.