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Settlement Tanks



Settlement tanks remove suspended solids like silt from water. What you must do for the effective removal of solids. In order to work, the flow of water through a water settlement tank must slow down sufficiently for suspended solids to settle out. To achieve this, the settlement facility must be the correct size for the volume of water that will flow through it and the size of the particles suspended within it.



The smaller the particle sizes, the longer they will take to settle out. Water that enters settlement tanks from certain processes may contain pollutants in addition to suspended solids.
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A settlement tank will not remove these pollutants before the water is discharged. You may therefore need to consider treatment options. Oil can be removed from settlement lagoons by installing an interceptor, by using a skimmer to remove the oil from the surface of the water or by containing the oil with absorbent pads and booms.You must dispose of absorbent pads, oil removed by a skimmer or other waste materials that contain hydrocarbons as hazardous/special waste. Hazardous / special waste Authorisation for discharge from your settlement tank or lagoon. You must not make any discharge to surface water or groundwater without consulting your environmental regulator. If you discharge without an authorisation, permit or consent from your environmental regulator you could be prosecuted and fined or imprisoned. You must not discharge trade effluent to a public sewer without trade effluent consent or a trade effluent agreement with your water and sewerage company or authority. If you discharge without a consent or agreement you could be prosecuted and fined or imprisoned.

Above information from www.environment-agency.gov.uk


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Liquid Waste Disposal and Drainage Solutions Established for over 20 years and rapidly expanding DMS has the experience and the up to date equipment to solve your liquid waste and drainage needs.


Industries large and small, manufactures, retail parks, construction, hotels and local authorities rely on the services of our team of experienced staff to assist their business with the collection and disposal of their liquid waste and with the maintenance of their site drainage.

We have a fleet of purpose built vacuum tankers and jetting units available to carry out our services safely and reliably, all waste streams are disposed of at the appropriate waste treatment and re-cycling plants, and being a member of the RHA Waste Management Group we are kept up to date with legislation regarding the movement and disposal of controlled wastes.

With depots in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire we are able to cover an area up to the Midlands across to East Anglia, London and the South East For more information regarding our services please contact us or visit the services page of this website.