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Road Gullies



A road gully is a small chamber covered by a heavy iron grating; they are the familiar feature found in the gutter of roadways. Their function is to drain surface water from the road. Road gullies tend to have 150mm diameter outlets, and come in a variety of diameters and depths. Road gullies used within carriageways are typically used to drain an area not exceeding 250m²  Up until 30 years or so ago, road gullies tended to be large items of clayware, but they were fragile.


They were gradually replaced with pre-cast concrete units, recently these heavy and cumbersome units have themselves been replaced by lightweight plastic units, that no longer provide the strength and resistance to deformation We provide a full service With all road gully waste removal  at  DMS Tanker Services.


We operate a small fleet of vacuum tankers with capacities of 2000 gallons up to 6000 gallons, we have the capacity to handle most of your liquid waste streams within the current duty of care regulations Our expertise will determine the most economical and environmentally best application for the waste.

Combined Kerb and Drainage Systems

Combined Kerb and Drainage Systems are a relatively recent development, developed in the 1980's for use on an urban road scheme The basic system comprise two components; the U-profile base block, and the top block, with the elliptical drainage inlets that allows storm water to drain from a carriageway. The system is enhanced by the inclusion of junction units, outfall blocks , transition blocks, top units varying profiles and base units of varying depths.

A combined kerb and drainage system offers significant advantages in both costs and capacity over traditional construction methods. For More Information Contact Us Today



Highway Class Gratings Double-Triangular (L) and End-hinged (R)  Carriageway applications require at least class C gratings and these are commonly manufactured from ductile or cast iron. Some gratings can be completely removed from their frame, some are hinged, and there are various bar patterns to suit different uses. 

Double-triangular gratings' such as the model shown on the left above, should be used in high-speed traffic applications as they are non-rocking and therefore less likely to cause problems. Hinged gratings (aka 'captive gratings') are a popular choice as they are more difficult, if not impossible, to steal. They may be hinged from the side/kerb face or the end face; end-hinged gratings should always have the hinge nearest the flow of traffic (upstream), so that oncoming vehicles will knock shut any grating left open accidentally.  We provide a full service in all waste  removal at  DMS Tanker Services, we operate a small fleet of vacuum tankers with capacities of 2000 gallons up to 6000 gallons, we have the capacity to handle most of your liquid waste streams within the current duty of care regulations


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Liquid Waste Disposal and Drainage Solutions Established for over 20 years and rapidly expanding DMS has the experience and the up to date equipment to solve your liquid waste and drainage needs.


Industries large and small, manufactures, retail parks, construction, hotels and local authorities rely on the services of our team of experienced staff to assist their business with the collection and disposal of their liquid waste and with the maintenance of their site drainage.

We have a fleet of purpose built vacuum tankers and jetting units available to carry out our services safely and reliably, all waste streams are disposed of at the appropriate waste treatment and re-cycling plants, and being a member of the RHA Waste Management Group we are kept up to date with legislation regarding the movement and disposal of controlled wastes.

With depots in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire we are able to cover an area up to the Midlands across to East Anglia, London and the South East For more information regarding our services please contact us or visit the services page of this website.