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Grease/Fat Traps




Fat, oil and grease in drains and pipes can cause problems to you and the environment.  To keep your drains unblocked, you must have a method of disposing your fats, oils and grease safely and legally. At DMS we  have 15 years experience and will save you money and the irritation  by giving you the best service for your requirements. We will only recommend the best solution for you. 



Fat, oil and grease cause major problems to drains and sewers cause environmental problems from badly managed kitchens When fat, oil and grease are disposed of down kitchen sinks or drains they cause blockages; when they enter rainwater pipes or gullies they cause problems in streams and rivers which can be traced back to your premises, so you could be liable for the bill for clean up the land that is polluted.
Fat, oil and grease in liquid form may not appear to be harmful, but as it cools it hardens and  sticks to the inner lining of drainage pipes and restricts the wastewater flow causing the pipes to block. For More Information Contact Us Today


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Liquid Waste Disposal and Drainage Solutions Established for over 20 years and rapidly expanding DMS has the experience and the up to date equipment to solve your liquid waste and drainage needs.

Industries large and small, manufactures, retail parks, construction, hotels and local authorities rely on the services of our team of experienced staff to assist their business with the collection and disposal of their liquid waste and with the maintenance of their site drainage.

We have a fleet of purpose built vacuum tankers and jetting units available to carry out our services safely and reliably, all waste streams are disposed of at the appropriate waste treatment and re-cycling plants, and being a member of the RHA Waste Management Group we are kept up to date with legislation regarding the movement and disposal of controlled wastes.

With depots in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire we are able to cover an area up to the Midlands across to East Anglia, London and the South East For more information regarding our services please contact us or visit the services page of this website.